Ricochet Xtreme

Ricochet Xtreme 3.5

It is an award winning breakout style game featuring state of the art graphics
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Reflexive Entertainment

Ricochet Xtreme is an arcade game developed by Reflexive Entertainment. The game is an incarnation of the famous Breakout game. If you never heard of Breakout, this is one of the most representative arcade games of old. You control a ship at the bottom of the screen; the only ways you can move are left and right. The rest of the screen is filled with bricks that you must break by bouncing a ball between them and your ship. You must not let the ball go underneath you as you will lose a live. Some bricks have special power-ups (or power-downs) that your ship can also pick up.

In the specific case of Ricochet Xtreme, the whole theme for the game is very well done. You take control of a Ricochet rocket, and the graphics for the ship, the bricks and the background are very well made, with a futuristic space theme. The whole interface has the information you need without being clunky. However, there aren't many reasons to choose this game over other breakout-style games out there. This one does have 170 levels in which you can play, and it is a good game. So if you are an arcade fan, give the trial version a try.

Ismael Mireles
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  • Good graphics
  • Great amount of levels


  • Formula used over and over again
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